American Haiku

This is just fun
I see the ‘bumpersticker’ as American Haiku.
Short, sweet, pithy. Some kind of hook to snag a passing eye, ear, and consciousness. If you can grab their awareness for a moment, you might be able to give them something to think about. Maybe even start a dialogue.

1) Share with everybody you know.
2) Buy product:
You can shop for an item or more at: Zazzle. It specializes in on demand printing.
   Zazzle’s default markup is 10%. We are going with that. So if you spend $4.00 we make about 40¢.
3) If you bypass our ‘shops’ and go to local (or other internet) producers, please conate.
And share your experience with us.
Remember–you can not sell anything, even as a fund raiser, without additional permission.
If you wonder why we don’t stock inventory, read all about it at VoteGlyph.
4) All of the above.


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