Money = Free Speech



Just because the current Presidential cycle is over doesn’t mean that this is going to go away. Without intervention it will be back less blatant and more schooled. I still think we should start a SuperPac (with large anonymous donations) to educate the American Public to the issue of artificial entities, including corporations, not being real persons and how the legal fiction that they may be is impacting their lives.

I changed up the graphic because while the Currency Font was a cute concept, I didn’t think it was working.


This evolved in my rant about The Supreme Court Versus Real Persons.
First was the observation that Free Speech has gotten so expensive, then there is the understanding that the majority of the Justices of the Supreme Court have apparently, at least in the political arena, equated money with expression and expression with Free Speech:
Money = Free Speech.
I believe there are a bunch of assumptions embedded in this that need to be examined (challenged). Is money a form of expression or is it the medium? or something else? There is certainly the question of corporate personhood. These Justices see no basis for discriminating amongst the rights of artificial entities based on their organizational structure. I don’t see artificial entities having any intrinsic rights to begin with. We have every right to discriminate amongst them because we create them for different and explicit reasons. I refer you back to The Supreme Court Versus Real Persons.
Meanwhile, I love playing with fonts and colors. The font is “Currency”, the colors are self explanatory.

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