Money Talks

This is our contribution to Occupy (2.0)
More about Occupy (2.0)
at Bob’s Blog

1) Share with everybody you know.  See below.
2) Copy, paste and @mail your Congress people and the President.
The Supreme Court doesn’t have (public) @mail.
Images can’t be pasted into government @mail. Font choice and formatting are lost in the process.
Copy & paste this text:
Money Talks. The Supreme Court has granted it the Right to Free Speech. Congress has granted it Anonymity. It does not speak for me
Congress: and/or
White House:
3) Find a local printer:
I had a local printer print me up 500 postcards.
100 each addressed to:
2 Senators, 1 Congressman, The President, and the Supreme Court.
Here is the PDF file to for a printer: Moneytalks PDF
Senators and Representatives:
Capitol Building, Washington, DC 20515
The President:
The White House 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20500
The Supreme Court:
One First Street NE, Washington, DC 20543.
Cost $65. I signed and stamped and sent off one each. I have been passing the rest around.
Neither you nor the printer can produce and sell them (no commercial use without additional permission). You can however pay him to produce them for you and you can give them away. This has to do with the Creative Commons license our images are being released under. If you are not familiar with Creative Commons I suggest you make yourself familiar with them. They are the revolution, or at least a significant portion of it.
4) Buy product:
You can shop for an item or more at: Zazzle. It specializes in on demand printing.
Zazzle’s default markup is 10%. We are going with that. So if you spend $4.00 we make about 40¢.
If you bypass our ‘shops’ and go to local (or other internet) producers, please conate/AnteUp.
Share your experience with us.
Remember–you can not sell anything, even as a fund raiser, without additional permission.

6)Leave a comment or start or join a discussion.
7)All of the above.

Song and Dance:
This originally flowed out of my pen in an @mail to my Congressman. I misremember exactly what I was writing him about, probably the debt ceiling debacle Summer of ’11. By the time of SuperCommittee I had given up trying again. It wasn’t the point I was trying to make. It was just a lead in. But it stuck with me. It echoed. It resonated. It fit the Occupy Movement.

For more on The Supreme Court’s involvement go toBobsBlog.
For more on Congress’ (non)involvement go to BobsBlog.

Deciding to post this as, hopefully, a contribution to Occupy, made us have to think hard. We didn’t want to slap © Perseveration, Inc on it because we didn’t want our ‘brand’ to interfere with people using the glyph. It led to our deciding not to ‘brand’ any of our stuff. For more on that go to  Branding.
Technical stuff:
The Headline and the Body were created in OpenOffice using 20pt and 16 pt Bankers Gothic (gotta love it) .The Tagline was hand printed with a felt tip pen, scanned on an HP 5610, and enhanced in Paint.Net. The whole thing was assembled in MicroSoft Paint and manipulated in Irfanview.

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