This is our National Priority.
It should be our National Shame.
We ask our men and women to go into harm’s way, and they do. Most return wounded physically, mentally, emotionally, economically, to some extent or another. And when that budget squeeze is on and its a decision between guns and butter, you know they are going to find $500,000 for ordinance before they find $50,000 for Josie the Vet. Or David or Kenisha, or Hernando.
For awhile it read “ALMS FOR THE VETS” but I decided it was important for us to take ownership. Rank and file Americans don’t want to think about the ‘wars’ in Iraq and Afghanistan. That is understandable because its horrible. There is nothing they can do about it. The government will take care of us. Actually thinking about the ‘wars’ and our vets is a bummer. So most of us don’t think about them. It is easier to not since the powers that be tend to hide the actual impact it has on our daily lives from us. Until we are personally touched by it. Then it is usually tragically.
I expect some backlash from this. I am not a vet. I have enough friends and family who are to care. I ran this past my cuz who is a Nam Vet. He told me to do it. I am going with his counsel.
Whoever can jump up and down and scream and shout and vilify me, but until some one can prove to me that we care, economically as well as in other ways, more for our vets than we do for our ordinance, I stand by what I am saying.

If we are failing Our Vets, we are failing ourselves.
We are failing our country.
We are failing our responsibilities in the world.
We are failing the world.
If we fail Our Vets, we fail.

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