Definition: The marketing practice of creating a name, symbol or design that identifies and differentiates a product from other products

    I do understand branding and its importance. But just to be cliche ridden, we are in a time when too many people put the cart before the horse, when they force the tail to wag the dog.
    What is more important? The products and services? Or the Brand?
    Business has its fads and they spill over into other walks of life. I remember when everything was sales. Now it seems to be the “Brand”. To me, you take care of the products and services, and the ‘brand’ will largely take care of itself. I don’t argue that looking at things from the perspective of, or through the lens of, the ‘brand’ can be a useful exercise. Putting the ‘brand’ before products and services is unnatural.
    Not long ago, after losing ground in a general election, I heard a party functionary say on the radio that the party was going to have to “reestablish its brand.” This is how radios get hurt. Since they don’t have ears it does no good to yell at them, so the only hope to get their attention is to bash them with the nearest heavy object that comes to hand. It is very frustrating.
    My point to the party functionary is: If you can’t deliver the goods, it really doesn’t matter how much you polish up the chrome on the delivery truck.
    In context here, we decided not to slap © Perseveration, Inc all over Money Talks. We thought it would interfere with people making use of the glyph. We did put the indexed Creative Commons symbol on it so people would understand that it is copyrighted. We do want attribution, we want people to understand no commercial use is permitted and any derivative work must be similarly licensed.
    There is a learning curve with Creative Commons licensing. But the cc symbol is similar enough to © that the indication that the work is copyrighted is pretty intuitive. People learning the details of the Creative Commons licenses is a work in progress.

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